Our Speaker Rider.

Everything You Need To Know for Working With Us on Stage. Easy-Peasy.

Speaker Rider.

All our presentation are in 16:9 Apple Keynote format (most current version of Apple Keynote) and typically include video and/or audio files. You need to be able to route audio from the presentation computer to your AV system.

We will make our presentation available to you to present off of your Apple Macintosh computer. In addition we will always bring our own Apple MacBook to present from. Our laptop supports HDMI output and can route audio through a 3.5mm headphone jack or HDMI, and we bring our own clicker.

You will receive a PDF version of our slides to share with your audience. Please DO NOT share our Apple Keynote file or any other materials we make available to you.

You can record our presentation on audio and/or video and share the recording with your audience as well as publicly. Please note that you can only share our material non-commercially (our material is licensed to you under a CC-BY NC SA license). Should you want to charge viewers for access to the recording, please talk to us before doing so.

We strongly prefer a handsfree microphone (headset or lavaliere) as we use our hands a fair bit during our presentation.

We are looking forward to working with you!