Disrupt Disruption.

Four years of research. Hundreds of in-depth interviews.
All wrapped into one book to turbocharge your transformation.

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Pascal Finette has nailed it. That’s not surprising because when it comes to disrupting disruption, no one I know has done more work on the topic than Pascal, and his experience shows. Brilliantly written and chock full of enlightening examples, start your reading here if you are even considering undertaking disruptive change.

William Pasmore
Ph.D., Professor, Columbia University
SVP, Center for Creative Leadership

A lucid, insightful, and practical guide to help you assess possible futures so you can navigate your way to your optimum outcome. Essential and entertaining reading for every leader in this volatile and uncertain world.

Riaz Shah
Global Learning Leader, EY

Brilliant read from cover to cover. Pascal Finette has a unique gift in his ability to envision the future in a 100X way and then translate that into practical, actionable advice for leaders. He has long been my favorite speaker and thought leader on the topic of disruption, and this deep dive read is a gift to those who wish to take innovation to the next level.

Mary Grove
Managing Partner at Bread & Butter Ventures
Former Director of Google for Entrepreneurs

If you have been hoping that change and disruption are decelerating, you need a wake-up call and a plan! Disrupt Disruption is exactly that wake-up call and guidebook for creating a plan. In an amazingly concise book, Pascal Finette lays out the dynamics of disruption, how it threatens established business, and how to lead your organization to disrupt disruption. While every decade has had massive forces pressuring business as usual, this one will likely be even more challenging. AI, climate tech, and global realignment will pressure every company. Prepare yourself for these changes by reading this insightful and actionable book.

Barak Berkowitz
Experienced Tech Executive
Former Director of Operations and Strategy of MIT Media Lab

Pascal Finette has developed a clear and actionable approach that leaders can take to leverage the disruptions of exponential change successfully. He builds on his own consulting experience and a deep plunge through the literature, distilling it all into clear, communicable, and usable strategy.

Alan Lesgold
Emeritus Professor, School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh

Popular stories about disruption, retold countless times, fail to identify the true underlying forces leading to the demise of former market leaders. When we get the stories wrong, we risk learning the wrong lessons from recent history. We miss critical opportunities to enable real transformation and unlock sustainable relevance for our organizations.

In his book Disrupt Disruption, Pascal Finette calls bullsh☠️t on the popular narrative and offers a holistic view of the dynamics of disruption. Drawing on hundreds of exclusive interviews with successful innovators and leaders of incumbent organizations that have weathered paradigm shifts in their industries, Finette provides a perspective-shifting, practical framework to support a new understanding of disruption.

Disrupt Disruption arms you with battle-tested principles to redefine organizational strategy and personal leadership and seize your preferred future.