A game by Stuart Candy and Jeff Watson. Digitally brought to you by your friends at be radical.


The Thing from the Future is an award-winning ideation and imagination game created by the folks at the Situation Lab and designed to get players to dream up and describe artefacts from a wide range of possible futures. You can learn more about the full game (this is a radically slimmed-down version) and the Situation Lab here.

We believe there's real value in envisioning alternate future scenarios and challenging present assumptions through play. Every time you visit this page, we'll give you a prompt (almost like a future-focused Mad Libs) that will push you to imagine something that exists in a unique — and possibly uniquely weird — future.

Give it a try. Hit the button. Share it.

Your Thing.

In a future defined by _____, there is a _____ related to _____. What is it?

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