Leading Into and In the Unknown.

About be radical.

A changing world requires a changed approach. We believe that the future is unwritten, and we help our clients embrace the possible, envision the long run, and build what matters. We research, develop, and teach tools and frameworks designed to transform our clients into practical futurists and successful disruptors. Our work gives you an unfair advantage in preparing yourself and your business to flourish amid accelerating change.

We typically support entrepreneurial medium to large-scale businesses with innovation strategy and implementation, leadership development, and business transformation. We engage with clients globally to implement our insights. We don’t offer easy answers, and we do not BS. We do share what works, and we help you help yourself.

Our work is different, and so are we. We cut through the noise. We advocate for common sense. We establish a common practice and common language for our clients. We openly share all our research and offer our expert network of industry-leading practitioners as a brain trust behind that research. We care about you, your business, and our world. And we are in it for the long-term — together.

be a radical.

The Jester’s Promise.

We liken our approach to that of the jester in the medieval court: As the jester doesn’t have a specific self-interest, he was often the only one who could (and did) tell the queen/king the hard truth.

Our core principle dictates that we will always do what is right for our clients and never “sell” anything you don’t need or want. We will never advise you to “do x” just because we have a product or service that “does x.” We will never engage in something where we don’t feel strongly about our ability to drive value.

And — we tell some damn good jokes…