A new kind of consulting service. Fast, agile, action first.


Our consulting services are unique. We believe you know your business better than anyone. We will not tell you what to do. Rather, we work in partnership with you and your organization using be radical’s insights and tools to support your innovation strategy and implementation.

We decidedly do not run ‘projects’ but rather support you and your organization in building your own capacity. Our approach is fast, agile and focused on getting you quickly into taking action.

A typical engagement begins with a series of keynotes and workshops to educate your organization on the rapid change of technology globally and across industries as well as start exploring potential opportunities and challenges. From here experts in the be radical team, in close collaboration with you can develop everything from in-house innovation, and disruption capabilities, as well as connecting you with external opportunities such as the global startup ecosystem. We work with a vast network of the world’s leading practitioners in technology, innovation, and disruption to further help you develop new products, services, and lines of business.

be radical has and continues to develop proprietary methods, tools, and frameworks which bridge the gap between understanding future change and implementing on the ground innovation and disruption initiatives.

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Case Studies.

Grupo BRECA.

Grupo BRECA is one of Peru’s largest family-owned business conglomerates, that operates primary industries throughout South America such as mining and fishing to banking, hospitality, insurance, and real estate. BREIN, the innovation hub of BRECA, embarked on a year-long “learning journey” with be radical with an aim to increase BRECA’s internal innovation capabilities, explore disruptive opportunities and threats, and establish connections to the global startup ecosystem. Throughout the engagement with BREIN, be radical introduced and trained methods, tools and frameworks such as the Accelerated Innovation Method (AIM) to diverse parts of the organization. Further, be radical worked closely with the innovation leadership team at BREIN to create additional capabilities, launched an Open Innovation initiative and refined a comprehensive innovation strategy for BRECA as a group.


Coteminas is a Brazil-based professionally managed business in the textile industry and a global leader in the bedding and pillow market. The organization engaged be radical to support their nascent disruptive innovation efforts. Through a series of keynotes, webinars and workshops with the wider leadership team we first created a shared understanding of the changes afoot in the textile, bedding, sleep-related healthcare, and related technology areas. Based on this work, be radical then supported the leadership as a sounding board and as a disruptor, providing continuous insights into technology and market trends as well as regularly challenging innovation teams inside Coteminas to identify and focus on disruptive technologies. Further, be radical helped Coteminas to create organizational structures and an evolved culture in support of their innovation agenda. Moreover, be radical connected the organization with relevant startups, potential corporate partners globally as well as subject matter experts. Today, Coteminas is well on its way to launch major new initiatives such as smart pillows for sleep tracking, a marketplace for home improvement goods and services and omnichannel commerce.