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Welcome to be radical’s Innovators & Disruptors Group: radical [id]

At be radical, we’re not just building knowledge; we’re crafting a community of forward-thinkers. We firmly believe that the best learning sparks from social interactions, and the most revolutionary ideas emerge from collaboration. That’s why we’ve launched radical [id] — a unique portal where you, our clients, get to brainstorm, collaborate, and grow with the be radical team and our eclectic community.

What’s radical [id] about?

Imagine a playground for business leaders passionate about crafting a future that’s not just different, but radically better. That’s radical [id]. Here, we dive deep into our latest research, best practices, and actionable insights, all while connecting you with a cross-disciplinary brigade of learning leaders and industry mavens. Consider radical [id] your lifetime pass to stimulating conversations, explorations, and creative quests.

Erik Asgeirsson

Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, CPA.com

“Our year-long collaboration with Pascal and the be radical team far surpassed expectations. They are tremendous learning partners that understand going beyond thought leadership and awareness is necessary in order to advance innovation in business. The research, tools, and new business model frameworks curated will enable our own organization, as well as member firms, to prepare for the future.”

CPA.com (the business and technology arm of the AICPA) engaged be radical as a research and development partner to support the organization in preparing the profession for a future that will be heavily influenced by artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. Over the course of one year, be radical delivered numerous keynotes, facilitated workshops and developed business models and planning frameworks specific to the CPA profession. Further, be radical worked closely with the organizations’ leadership team to support several key innovation initiatives, including a major $40 million business transformation project.

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How it Works.

Exclusive. Invite-only. Cost-free. The perks of being part of radical [id]:

  • Bi-Monthly [id] Gatherings: A virtual assembly where ideas collide and connections are made. We tackle everything from business quirks to tech trends, leadership insights, and beyond.
  • WhatsApp Group Access: Join our dynamic bi-monthly live learning exchanges with Pascal in candid conversation with experts on practically redefining what disruption means today. Expect these events to be nothing short of lively and thought-provoking.
  • radical Ignite Sessions: Engage in dynamic online discussions with me, Pascal Finette, and the be radical team. Expect these to be nothing short of lively and thought-provoking.
  • Exclusive Resource Archive: Get your hands on our treasure trove of learning tools and resources, encapsulating groundbreaking research and transferable strategies.
  • Beta-Testing New Frameworks: Be the first to experience and provide feedback on our latest learning adventures and frameworks.
  • Global [id] Network: Connect with fellow innovators and problem-solvers, expanding your network and idea pool.

So, ready to join us in this radical adventure? Your journey into the future starts with radical [id].

[id] Events

radical [id] Gathering

Immerse yourself in the heart of our diverse international community of innovation and disruption leaders in our bi-monthly radical [id] gathering events. It is a unique opportunity for radical [id] members to mingle, share insights, and spark connections.

These intimate sessions are designed for collaborative learning. Whether the radical team is presenting new research and insights, or there is a community spotlight, or a chosen topic is being explored, there is always a focus on deep conversation and connection. Engage in breakout sessions, one-on-one conversations, and group dialogue.

radical [id] gatherings are often co-created with the radical community, who request and/or present specific topics to sharpen our focus.

radical Ignite Sessions

Dive into the heart of innovation with Pascal Finette in our dynamic bimonthly live event series. Here, Pascal engages in candid conversations with eminent experts who continuously show us what progress looks like in practice.

These sessions offer a rare glimpse into how organizations can maintain and grow their edge, the pivotal lessons learned along the way, and the critical role of visionary leadership in steering the course. Don’t miss this chance to practically redefine what disruption means in today’s ever-evolving landscape.