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Empowering organizations to cultivate a high-performing and future-focussed workforce.

Ron Shaich

Our approach has always been to discover today what will matter tomorrow, and then to transform our company into a future that is unfolding before us.

— Ron Shaich, Founder & Former President and CEO of Panera Bread

Organizational Training.

In a world where disruption is the new normal, mere survival isn’t enough. The fate of your organization hinges on your ability to out-think, out-innovate, and out-maneuver today’s business complexities. Enter be radical’s portfolio of high-impact training programs.

Why does organizational training matter? Consider this: 70% of businesses that led their industries in the ‘90s are now irrelevant or extinct. Don’t be a statistic. Invest in shaping a future you control. Through our programs, arm your leaders with actionable frameworks, insights, and tools they can immediately apply to transform your business.

Learn how Kitopi, the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen, partnered with be radical to bring our organizational learning program to their extended leadership team.
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Program Highlights.

Future Readiness

The future finds us in two ways: first gradually and then suddenly. By the time the implications of accelerating change become clear, it’s often too late to navigate them effectively. In this context, learning to see, think, and act like a futurist offers a significant and growing strategic advantage.

We equip participants with the skills and tools to become what we call “Practical Futurists”. Participants will leave the workshop with an in-depth understanding of the range of possible futures for your organization and its key value propositions, as well as a set of tools and practices for further exploring, testing, and communicating those possibilities to stakeholders.

Through Transformation to Disruption

The popular stories about disruption, retold countless times, consistently fail to identify the true underlying forces leading to the demise of former market leaders. And when we get the stories wrong, we risk learning the wrong lessons from recent history and missing critical opportunities to enable real transformation and unlock sustainable relevance for our organizations.

We call nonsense on the popular narrative and offer a holistic view of the dynamics of disruption. Drawing on hundreds of exclusive interviews with successful innovators and leaders of incumbent organizations that have weathered paradigm shifts in their industries, we provide a perspective-shifting, practical framework to support a new understanding of disruption along with battle-tested principles to redefine organizational strategy and personal leadership and seize a preferred future.

Additionally, participants will be able to:
  • Identify future-relevant signals and trends in your industry
  • Recognize disruption drivers and common pitfalls for incumbents
  • Embrace uncertainty for creative problem-solving
  • Adapt to complexity and navigate challenges
  • Utilize rapid prototyping for innovation
  • Define and communicate organizational mission and future
  • Apply the State Change Model of Disruption and its implications
  • Learn from successful innovators for transformation and relevance
  • … and much more
George Constantinescu @ ATCO

be radical’s program is the best learning experience I have ever participated in. I consider the content to be essential to anyone who is seeking a path to sustainable relevance in an exponentially evolving future. Pascal, Jeffrey, Jane and the rest of the be radical team deliver deep, practical insights in an easy to absorb and fun to learn way. An unreserved recommendation.”

George Constantinescu
Chief Transformation Officer, ATCO Group


Options for in-person, online, or hybrid delivery.

Customization Options: Not one-size-fits-all. Tailor our training modules to solve your unique organizational challenges. From standalone to integrated delivery inside of your existing learning and development programs. And from scale-ups feeling the growing pains to enterprises striving to keep their edge, we’ve got you covered.

At be radical, we’re excited to build community while building knowledge, and continuing the learning long after a program has wrapped up. All our clients enjoy a free, unlimited membership to our exclusive Learning Partner Program. Learn more about the program here.
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