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AI^3, AR/VR/XR and the Future of Bits.

Oct 17, 2019

We live in interesting times. AI is maturing at an unprecedented rate. We are bombarded with breakthroughs in many areas which all amass to a huge pile of weak signals. And the days still only have 24 hours.

This week we dig deep into AI (and have a few other topics to round it up). Let’s go!

[AI] The Future of AI

Andrew Ng is hands-down one of the most accomplished, eloquent and down-to-earth AI thinkers and practitioners in the world. He founded Google’s Deep Learning Project “Google Brain”, led AI research at Baidu, cofounded Coursera and teaches at Stanford. In short: When Andrew speaks, you should listen. Recently he sat down with Azeem Azhar (of Exponential View-fame) to talk about all things AI — a must-listen.

[AI] AI for Everyone

Most of us are not AI mavens like Andrew. Luckily, Andrew created an excellent (and free) online course for the rest of us: AI for Everyone on Coursera. Take a weekend and immerse yourself in AI.

[AI] The AI Transformation Playbook

Speaking about Andrew: One of his companies is Landing AI, which helps incumbent businesses leverage AI. Download their free AI Transformation Playbook (“How to lead your company into the AI era”). It’s a goldmine for business leaders.

[AR/VR] Becoming Superhuman

My friend and colleague Jody Medich, a world-renown expert on Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, just had her thought-provoking TEDx talk “Will technology make us SUPERHUMAN?” published. Watch it with your family/kids and have a discussion about the questions she brings up.

[Additive Manufacturing] Need a car? Print it!

Chinese car manufacturer Pix Moving does what sounds like science fiction: An AI designs their cars which then gets 3D printed. This, in turn, enables them to avoid paying Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports as they just send bits and not atoms across the sea. It’s a first glimpse into a future where intangibles become more and more the norm even for traditional businesses deeply rooted in the world of manipulating tangibles (bits vs atoms / software is eating the world / data is eating software).

Beware the weak signals!

radically yours,

Jane, Mafe, Amber and Pascal