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A Conversation With John O'Duinn – Distributed Work Expert, Author and Law Maker.

Jun 9, 2020


Our latest be radical Podcast with radical Expert John O’Duinn is ready for your listening pleasure!

John is a self-proclaimed ‘computer guy’ — having written code and led teams in organizations ranging from four person startups to nonprofits to multinationals — including in the US Government as part of the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House.

We were honored to interview John on the topic of Distributed Teams. It’s a subject we are all lately having to get to grips with; but one John started documenting and synthesizing his experience more than a decade ago. John’s 2018 book “Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart” has become the de-facto remote work practical management book. It deals with immediate tactical issues, more complex human dynamics as well as wider social, diversity and environmental aspects.

In 2018, John also helped write the State of Vermont’s “Remote Worker” law — a very different approach to Economic Development which has been so wildly successful that John is now helping draft bills and write policies for multiple other jurisdictions world-wide.

In my conversation with John we discuss all things distributed teams (and why we should not call it “remote work”), how to tactically as well as strategically set yourself and your organization up for success and why distributed teams can out-innovate in-person organizations.

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Do take a listen and let us, and John know what you think. John is an active member of the Digital Learning Partner Program, often joining our weekly Open Coffee meetings, or you will find him in our Slack group posting articles and helpful tips. Upgrade your account today and join us in the Digital Learning Partner Program.

Stay radical and safe, The be radical Team