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We Need a Radically Different and More Just Tomorrow.

Jun 4, 2020

As a group of (mostly US-based) individuals who are often asked to contribute to and sometimes to convene conversations about the future, we believe it’s critically important (and far, far too rare) to have a greater diversity of perspectives and experiences represented in those discussions and discourses. We’re eager to learn from people whose experiences of the world are not only those which are wildly over-represented in tech/entrepreneurship/futurism circles, and this week especially, we encourage our community to do the same.

We believe that black lives matter. And we believe that the questions of racial justice and systems change being painfully explored today also carry a question for tomorrow. How do we set ourselves up to build an inclusive future — one that reflects real learning from the past rather than simply reproducing its power structures, gross inequalities and violence.

Today we listen and learn so that we can imagine a radically different and more just tomorrow together.