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Disrupt Disruption.

Apr 25, 2021


Dear Friend —

It has been a little while since our last be radical Briefing; first and foremost I hope this note finds you well today. We have been busy here at radical’s HQ and are working on our next book: Disrupt Disruption!

A little while ago I had the great pleasure of talking with Andy Billings, Head of Creative Profitability at gaming giant Electronic Arts. In our conversation, while talking about disruption, he remarked:

What is overrated is the question if it is really possible to be planful, thoughtful, effective, well organized, and linear in managing disruptive change? When you talk to the people on the frontlines, they will tell you that it doesn’t look like what it is being described as in the books.

We couldn’t agree more — and set out to write the book for the frontlines of innovation and disruption. We are excited to be embarking on this journey together with you: We will share excerpts, insights, and recordings with the many innovation leaders we have lined up for interviews with you in our Briefing.

And if you like to go deeper, want access to even more of our insights, exclusive video footage from our sessions and join a fantastic community of practical futurists, innovators, disruptors, ruckus-makers and folks who are building what matters, consider joining our Learning Partner program.

To get us started, check out our initial round of interviews (as a series of podcasts) here: </podcast/>

Guests include Chris Yeh (co-author of the bestselling book Blitzscaling), Lisa Kay Solomon (Designer In Residence at Stanford’s d. School), John O’Duinn (Distributed Work Expert, Author and Law Maker), Ryan Merkley (Chief of Staff at Wikimedia Foundation) and, of course, Andy Billings.

Until the next time — Pascal and the be radical team