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The Thing From The Future is Here (#FUTURETHING).

Feb 24, 2021

Looking for a creative kick or a great way to encourage divergent, out-of-the-box thinking at the start of your next team meeting? We have just the (future) thing: our web-based adaptation of The Thing from the Future, an award-winning ideation and imagination game created by the folks at USC’s Situation Lab.

The game is designed to get players to dream up and describe artefacts from a wide range of possible futures, and at be radical, we believe there’s real value in the creative practice of envisioning alternate future scenarios and challenging present assumptions through play.

Get Your Thing From The Future

Every time you visit this page, we’ll give you a prompt (one of 249,795 possibilities) that will push you to imagine something that exists in a unique — and perhaps uniquely weird — future. We love to share a round of future things as a team energizer or icebreaker, and working on prompts collaboratively offers a great chance to engage in some YES AND generative thinking.

That #futurething just might be your next business idea. Be sure to let us know. ;)