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Brainstorming is Dead, Long Live Question-Storming — and Learnings from Disruptors.

Jan 31, 2022

Dear Friend,

With the first month of another strange year coming to an end, we have been busy with launching our Disrupt Disruption Program and revamping our consulting offering. We’d love to work with you on either one of these — and of course on our FutureFWD Program or a keynote. Just drop us an email.

And now… Another packed briefing for you:


Matthew Ström’s blog post “Stop brainstorming” is currently making the rounds. It is a succinct reminder that brainstorming, well, doesn’t work and is simply best avoided. This is particularly true when one thinks about the future — the reason we don’t do “brainstorms” in any of our sessions or consulting engagements. As the future is inherently unknown (and partially unknowable), and as Warren Berger, author of one of our favorite books “A More Beautiful Question”, reminds us that the value of a discreet answer in an uncertain world diminishes, while the value of a good question increases, we love to, instead, run a question generating session. And as the last sentence was rather long — here are our suggestions on how to run one of these sessions yourself.

Disrupt Disruption

Allow us a little dig for our stuff: We now published more than 30 interviews with some of the most amazing people on the forefront of innovation and disruption — the people Andy Billings, Head of Creative Profitability at gaming giant Electronic Arts described as “the people on the front lines, who will tell you that disruption doesn’t look like what it is being described as in the books.” From Gisbert Rühl, who turned Europe’s largest steel company into a digital powerhouse, Maurice Conti, former head of moonshots at Telefonica Alpha, to Hannah Tucker, who is reinventing the food system, and Alice Casiraghi, who is creating the circular economy — the podcast is chockfull of insights and griping stories from the trenches of disruption. Listen in — and if you know someone we ought to talk to, please connect us!

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Internet Finds

A rave in the metaverse! Exciting… NOT! 🕺

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