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The 10-10-5 Rule.

Sep 12, 2022

Dear Friend,

Greetings from the Volcano Summit in Guatemala. It’s a fantastic gathering of the most interesting and brightest people from the region, mixed with a bunch of international guests.

Read on for insights with numbers, our weekly reading and link list, and a random trip around the world courtesy of Google Street View.

Practical Futurism // Decode. Disrupt. Transform.

One of the most photographed slides in my presentation on making (better) sense of the future and successful transformation is the 10-10-5 rule. Our colleague Bill Pasmore, Ph.D., Professor, Columbia University and SVP, Center for Creative Leadership, when asked how much time executives should spend on working on the future, with the following: 10% of your executive team should spend 10% of their time thinking five years out.

Pasmore’s simple formula provides a model to create space. The gravitational pull of the day-to-day business equals that of a black hole — once you get close to the black hole, it won’t let any light out (despite our best intentions). We typically recommend manifesting Pasmore’s formula even further by creating dedicated space on your calendar — one of our clients has established “Future Fridays,” where Friday afternoons are blocked for working solely on the future. Whatever your specific mix of time and resources is and how you create the room for you and your teams to work on the future — find something which works for you and implement it. (via Pascal)

What We Are Reading

👑 Leading with Confidence in Uncertain Times There is no fool-proof strategy for obtaining certainty, but if you are looking for ideas to manage the uncertain future, there is good news. Here are five tools for thinking through uncertainty and using it to plan and make decisions. JaneRead

🧳 A Wandering Mind: How Travel Can Change the Way You Think Most people travel as an observer and, as a result, “see” a lot. When you travel as an active participant, the experience can transform the way you think and how you see the world. MafeRead

🔌 Scooters and 3-wheelers are really what’s driving an EV revolution Seen globally, the unfolding EV revolution is driving on two and three wheels. JeffreyRead

🫧 The quantum computing bubble Another industry, another bubble. A hard look at what is going on (and not) in quantum computing. PascalRead


🕰️ Talking about quantum: Two atomic clocks have been quantum entangled for the first time.

🏎️ EVs are coming — even to the US (and faster than one might think).

📈 Coders are so yesterday. Why economists are flocking to Silicon Valley.

🧱 Finally a good use for AI: Turn your old Lego bricks into new things.

👀 The Best Optical Illusions of the Year.

🥳 Happy 30th anniversary to ‘Sneakers,’ a cult classic that was far ahead of its time

📹 A trip down memory lane: The Connectix QuickCam was the first webcam.

🏢 Offices are turning into apartments.

🏠 The Open Source movement is coming for your house

🏘️ Talking about houses: This House Does Not Exist.

Internet Finds

Take a ride with Google’s Street View and explore random places all around the world. 🌍

In Case You Missed It

🏴‍☠️ The Heretic: I Used to Think

🧨 Disrupt Disruption: Last week, we released a fascinating conversation with Cyborg Anthropologist Marques Anderson. In our conversation, we explore the fascinating work of a cyborg anthropologist, ancestral wisdom, and how to integrate this into one’s work.

Radically yours, take good care, friend!

— Pascal, Mafe, Vivian and the three Js (Jane, Jeffrey, and Julian)